If you want to check what you can do with the {FM.js(engine);} make sure to check the features. In case you are looking for help about the engine please see the documentation or contact me. You can also check the various games and experiments made with the {FM.js(engine);} there. And finally don't forget to download the engine!

  • The {FM.js(engine);} is a 2D game engine entirely written in JavaScript that'll empower you to build your games quickly.
  • It's an easy to learn 2D game engine that should fit your every need while being customizable at the same time.
  • Games for everyone and for everywhere.
  • You don't need consoles, plugins or specific platforms.
  • You just make a game that'll run on every modern browsers.
  • Input management (keyboard and mouse).
  • Game states management (creation, destroying, switching).
  • Camera management (viewport, scrolling, culling).
  • Group management.
  • Physics with AABB and circles (QuadTree for optimization).
  • Orthogonal tiles management.
  • TMX files importer (Tiled Map Editor).
  • Texts, simple shapes, sprites and animated sprites management.
  • Particles!.
  • Simple pathfinding system.
  • Assets preloading (possibility of a custom preloader).
  • Debug information (collisions, FPS, etc.) (home/start key to display).
  • Fully documented and readable code.

Demos coming soon.


The {FM.js(engine);} comes in three flavors:

  • Full: if you need the full source code in separated files
  • One file: if you just need a readable source code all in one file.
  • Minified: fully minified code for distribution when your game is finished.